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jelly fish (stand day 263)

citizenstand — December 19, 2007 — standing in the dark with jelly fish. music is by DNA and the song is called Ophelias Song and is from the YouTube audioswap function.

Akira Kurosawa: Influences and Influence Part 1

Akira Kurosawa: Influences and Influence Part 1

forbesnation — May 26, 2007 — Part 2:

This is the documentary I made about Akira Kurosawa for my High School's Senior Project. It briefly discusses Japanese Director Akira Kurosawa's connections with the Western world.

Stanley Kubrick - A Life in Pictures: 2001 (1 of 2)

rseferino — February 10, 2009 — Fragment of documentary Stanley Kubrick: A Life in Pictures.

Kubrick at 2001 opening

griek1 — June 14, 2006 — Kubrick talking at the 2001: A Space Odyssey opening in New York.

The Art of Stanley Kubrick

truthgone — February 21, 2006 — a good documentary. Title speaks for itself

Stanley Kubrick: The Legacy of 2001 1/2

Stanley Kubrick: The Legacy of 2001 1/2
goodfellaOS — November 18, 2007 — This is on the spacial edition of 2001

Movies That Shook The World "2001: A Space Odyssey" 1/3

goodfellaOS — November 23, 2008 — Movies That Shook The World "2001: A Space Odyssey"

Tony Kaye about Kubrick

Tony Kaye about Kubrick
aantranikian — July 16, 2008 — Director Tony Kaye (American History X) speaks about Stanley Kubrick's influence on his own life and work.

Watch Kubrick, a short film by Armen Antranikian, featuring Tony Kaye and others:

Transferable and Peripheral Skills in Design

CreativeChoices — December 19, 2007 — Furniture designer Tom Dixon tells Creative Choices how being self-educated gives him a fresh perspective, how previous jobs in music and cartoon-colouring helped him in design, and how peripheral skills like accounting, languages, marketing and manufacturing are needed to stand out among the glut of design graduates.

UK Design Council Drawing a perfect Circle

stevenqua — October 04, 2007 — A film featuring some of the UK's top designers, including Paul Smith, Robin Day, Tom Dixon, talking about design while trying to draw a 'perfect' circle

'The Art of Looking Sideways' by Alan Fletcher

artswat — October 03, 2007 — 'The Art of Looking Sideways' by Alan Fletcher is the ultimate guide to visual awareness, a magical compilation that will entertain and inspire all those who enjoy the interplay between word and image, and who relish the odd and the unexpected.

Renzo Piano, Oscar Niemeyer, Eduardo Catalano

TPsHuergo — May 06, 2009 — Escuela Técnica Ing. Luis A. Huergo - 3ro 1ra Construcciones - 2009 - Maestros de la Arquitectura

California Academy Of Sciences (HQ)

coastsj — February 02, 2009 — San Francisco, California Golden Gate Park. Architect Renzo Piano.

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Have you ever ask yourself ? For Example..

*Where are Excellent and Inspiration Design for Long Life Leaning ,not fahion? *What we need to know about Great design?*meaning ofGreat Design? * Designer? *Graphic 2D/3D*Who is Le corbusier? *Modular?*Less is More? *Less & better? *How are art to design development?

Begining on 2008 for our project focus and Many Question of our Interesting? . Book is Great reference But We can not buy all of them.

Panyim try to find information from many activity of our interesting from youtube. Thankyou youtude & youtube 's member for sharing.

here we are try find old document 0f modern design as we can.
It's Greatful for us. Maybe for you too?

We search all about Excellent Idea and Design Inspiration for art & design education.
Panyim 's sharing is Idea and inspiration of Great Designer -Architect- Art -Movie - Graphic -Children art- art ; idea. Great artist of modern. from past about 1910 to present

and what's next for us?

We hope our interesting that is wiill useful information & Education for you.

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